Un-Social Commerce – Creators are Small Businesses. Small Businesses are Creators.

Qrios, the Digital Economy Empowerment Platform has built a utility for commerce. It is designed from the ground up to naturally evolve as a space for any small business to trade globally.

According the Atlantic, “The Age of Social Media is Ending“.  Neither social networks, nor social media platforms were designed for commerce. You can feel the friction and discomfort of their users face. The same way the sales are not concluded from newspaper classifieds, billboards or Superbowl ads, while great for branding, to be effective their businesses models have to be based on targeted advertising using large amounts of data from an equally large number of users. Apple and Google will continue to make this type of targeting more difficult.

Flom is not a global town square. However, we have intentionally created this app with human conversations as the foundation on which we will build multiple other experiences.

We are starting with the commerce experience.

While trade shows or exhibition are industry exclusive with a B2B target, an Expo is typically open to both trade and consumers to attend without any limitations.

Flom Expo provides opportunities for participants to promote their offerings, expand their markets and add new audiences.

We have reinvented the Expo experiences for all using short form video formats. In Flom, using expo you can educate the public about services or products, share and cooperate with your peers or just about everyone.

This is a are new digital civic location that does not try to mimic the existing but rather democratizes its access removing the barriers of distance and language. Very much like in the physical world the expo participants are in control of their information and all their interaction data belongs to them forever.

As with new physical interactions, naturally after fruitful conversations in Expo business is done.

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Qrios is a technology company building digital utilities for global trade of everything. We are rethinking and executing on how digital infrastructure is designed. We are crafting easy to use interfaces for locating, extracting and exploiting value to economically benefit all people.

We are intentionally building bridges between on & offline digital lands and solving for identity, communication, retail, corporates, Internet, audio, video, digital commerce and art for multiple ethnicities.

Flom is a product of Qrios, Inc.

Contact: mkinti@qrios.com

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