Voice4Equity Launches AI-Driven Education Leadership Platform in Partnership with The Superintendent Lab

VANCOUVER, Wash., Jan. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Voice4Equity, under the leadership of Dr. Christina¬†Kishimoto, today announces its AI-driven Education Leadership Analytics Platform. This launch is complemented by a strategic alliance with The Superintendent Lab, founded and directed by Dr. Rachel S. White, representing a landmark in promoting equity and inclusion in educational leadership and policy spaces through policy, practice, and research.

Women-led Organizations Unite for Education Policy, Leadership & Tech Empowerment

The Education Leadership Analytics platform enhances leadership access to information by providing insights into research, data, news, and policy that affect public school districts, with an emphasis on equitable and inclusive design. Members of The Flamboyan Network, a professional network for education leaders designed for women by Voice4Equity, will gain access to this tool, benefiting from its natural language processing capabilities and contributing to further development and training of the underlying models.

“For too long, the lack of data and transparency in the education system has reinforced systemic biases that limit opportunities for women and leaders of color,” said Dr. Kishimoto, CEO of Voice4Equity. “Combined with our platform, both the historical and continued development of superintendent data and research that Dr. White has championed can now be used to provide a roadmap for change to address racial and gender disparities in leadership.”

The Superintendent Lab, known as a leading national voice in school district superintendency research, developed and maintains The National Longitudinal Superintendent Database. This comprehensive tool enables in-depth exploration of superintendent labor trends and market dynamics and offers unparalleled data and insights on leadership, diversity, and equity.

“The Superintendent Lab is thrilled to serve as a research partner in collaboration with Voice4Equity to support and empower women and leaders of color in the superintendency,” said Dr. White. “From our initial discussions it was clear that we shared a common vision around enhancing equity and inclusion within the superintendency. This partnership will establish an opportunity to amplify our impact by leveraging the strengths each of us brings to the table.”

The unification of Voice4Equity’s leadership development and AI expertise with The Superintendent Lab’s research capabilities marks a new era in data-driven decision-making and professional empowerment for education leaders.

About Voice4Equity LLC:

Founded in 2021 by Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Voice4Equity is a national organization committed to promoting equity and increasing the representation of women and women of color in school superintendencies and at the policy table. The company focuses on policy leadership development, professional networking, data, and research, utilizing a by-women-for-women education design. Dr. Kishimoto served as State Superintendent in Hawaii and as a district Superintendent in Gilbert, Arizona and in Hartford, Connecticut.

Website: voice4equity.com

About The Superintendent Lab:

A leading research and data center, The Superintendent Lab, was founded by Dr. Rachel S. White as a central hub for data, research, insights, and innovation on the school district superintendency. The Superintendent Lab is home to the National Longitudinal Superintendent Database, a key driver of data-driven dialogue to advance policies and practices that contribute to more equitable district leadership spaces. Dr. White is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy studies at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Website: thesuperintendentlab.com

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