MyLand Earth Metaverse Celebrates International Tiger Day One Month After a Successful Launch of the Virtual Land Sales Platform

Myland Metaverse, designed for Earth-based Metaverse development and global wildlife conservation, celebrates the International Tiger Day with the international community supporting wildlife conservation. A month after the successful launch of Myland Metaverse on, a web 3 digital twin to the planet Earth, Myland will release1,200 Tiger Zodiac NFTs to the new land NFT investors as free giveaways.

Myland Metaverse is the premier NFT-ready Metaverse based on virtual land ownership in the world’s first Earth-based Metaverse that is supported by all credit cards and major crypto payment methods. Myland Earth-based Metaverse is set to create a 3rd party app development platform that allows application, game developers and content creators to create a 3D replica of the physical Earth, providing an immersive experience for global online users. Users will visit the Metaverse Earth locations, be entertained, enjoy virtual travel, social networking, attend sports events, music concerts, and manage business activities.

Initiated by a team of seasoned Blockchain engineers, digital artists and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, MyLand Metaverse set to launch its Initial DEX Coin Offer in Q4 2022.

Myland.Earth’s virtual land real-estate and Myland lot ownership presents investors with a unique opportunity to participate in a pre-IDO. Ownership of the Metaverse real estate allows NFT investors to participate in a market, wherein sales are approaching $100 million per month over the past 6 months, doubled from a year ago.

Since its June 28th launch, Myland Earth Metaverse land property/NFT sales have generated a weekly growth of over 800%. Most of the top 50 landmark sites and 80,600+ land lots were sold the first month into the launch. This includes the Himalayas Mountain Range, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, and the Statue of Liberty. Investors who bought these landmarks are game and app developers, digital content creators and Metaverse enthusiasts.

MyLand Metaverse plans to create world-class travel destinations with Metaverse experiences for online users to be able to enjoy Metaverse immersive experiences and tours of such natural landmarks Himalayas and Eiffel Tower, from the comfort of their living room anywhere in the world.

“To all wildlife activists, Metaverse ready NFT is the next big thing! It potentially represents a new pool of gamers, land NFT investors and collectors. As such, don’t miss out!” says Myland Metaverse Project Leader, Kevin McInerney, continues, “On the Myland Metaverse Platform, the increased activity in land NFT sale by members has proven that Metaverse real estate is hot! Get in now before everyone else does.”

With free membership and no minimum purchase required, Myland.Earth Metaverse allows NFT collectors and traders to buy and sell virtual land parcels and high-profile landmark sites anywhere in the world on The landmark sites are selling fast. Investors are encouraged to contact with Myland Project Team on Discord at to receive referral codes for discount.

For detailed events information and Myland Project NFT pricing, tokenomics details, please visit and for project roadmap and whitepaper. You can also contact the Myland Project Team through social media platforms below.







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Media Contact

Kevin McIneryney, MyLand Eearth Metaverse, 1 408-212-7780 Ext: 102,


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