World’s first AI-powered GPT to focus on regulation in tokenization and digital assets

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Jan. 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Tokenizer is proud to launch the global regulatory service –  The Token RegRadar – in a groundbreaking new version featuring a powerful AI integration. 

The core of The Token RegRadar is an extensive, domain-specific database built from scratch by The Tokenizer’s team over the past three years. This regulatory database contains legal texts, lawsuits, industry reports, interviews and much more. It currently covers more than 80 jurisdictions, and it is continuously updated through numerous sources and will continue to grow in the future.

By integrating a customised GPT – Generative Pre-trained Transformer – AI solution designed to utilise The Token RegRadar’s specialised data, it is possible now to offer an extremely powerful service that enables users to seek regulatory information in seconds about almost any aspect of the domain of asset tokenization and digital asset.

The Token RegRadar is a service developed to assist a wide range of professionals in the space of asset tokenization and digital assets. Law firms that need fast access to updated regulatory information from across the globe, regulatory authorities, FSAs, governments, analysts, and several other categories of players within the industry, such as issuance companies, exchanges, banks, custodians, service providers and more. Finally, The Token RegRadar, in its AI-enabled version, can be a highly useful tool for asset owners and companies conducting token issuances.

The AI-powered version was developed in collaboration with the Boston-based AI company CustomGPT, which, among others, has the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on its client list.

The CEO of CustomGPT, Alden Do Rosario, stated:

“A GPT has the ability to become incredibly powerful when it’s built on a solid database that more or less absorbs all knowledge from a specific domain. The Tokenizer is doing that with its regulatory GPT, focusing on tokenization and digital assets. Supporting and collaborating with companies developing these types of powerful vertical GPTs is one of our main goals at CustomGPT. So we are happy to support The Tokenizer’s journey.” 

The Token RegRadar is a subscription-based SaaS product, and it is available globally in the AI-powered version. According to CEO & co-founder of The Tokenizer, Michael Juul Rugaard, today’s AI release is a decisive moment of a long journey:

“The idea of The Token RegRadar as a ‘radar’ constantly scanning jurisdictions for regulatory news arose more than four years ago when we first started The Tokenizer and realised that a major barrier to accelerating our industry was the lack of regulatory overview and clarity, especially across jurisdictions.”

Michael adds, “Since then, we have spent endless hours expanding our database and designing our tool, and by integrating Al, we can finally deliver a service with features that will save a lot of time and money for many professionals in our industry.”

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The Token RegRadar is an AI-powered tool designed to provide regulatory information in the domain of asset tokenization and digital assets. While we strive for accuracy and comprehensiveness, The Tokenizer and its partners, including CustomGPT, do not guarantee the completeness, reliability, or accuracy of the data provided. The information generated by the Token RegRadar should not be interpreted as legal advice, and users should consult with qualified legal professionals for specific legal counsel tailored to their circumstances. This AI-powered service is subject to continuous updates and revisions, and The Tokenizer reserves the right to make modifications as deemed necessary.

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