Volt Athletics Launches V3: The Next Generation of Its Flagship Coach Platform; Expands into Corporate Wellness and Tactical Training

Today, Volt Athletics, a global leader in personalized health and fitness technology, announced the launch of V3, the next generation of its coaching platform, designed to deliver safe and effective fitness guidance at scale. The redesigned platform introduces new functionality that enables corporate wellness organizations and tactical groups to manage training for large numbers of users.

In today’s health and fitness technology world, large organizations have struggled to find a holistic fitness solution that meets the needs of their members and their evolving market. There are so many options available, and Volt saw a need to create a bespoke fitness solution for organizations that need a flexible, hybrid approach to training.

“We built V3 with the unique needs of large organizations in mind,” says Dan Giuliani, Volt’s CEO and Co-Founder. “The Volt coach platform was originally designed to help high school and college sports teams. With the launch of V3, Volt is now optimized for groups who need to provide safe, personalized training programs to thousands (or hundreds of thousands!) of users.”

Custom solution for each unique organization

    • Volt’s new coach platform was designed to be more flexible, personal, powerful, and actionable for coaches and trainers across many different markets. Whether an organization has a team of coaches who need to create and manage training programs or many individuals who need training guidance without the benefit of an in-person coach, V3 provides the flexibility organizations are looking for in a strength and conditioning solution.
    • “A one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work for large, complex organizations. V3 enables us to create bespoke solutions that are customized to each unique org, and ultimately help more people access better training,” says Giuliani.

Provide safe and effective training to all users

  • V3 can help any organization—large or small—provide a consistent training methodology to every member. Corporate wellness programs, fitness centers, personal training facilities, and large tactical groups are among the types of organizations that can now use Volt to deliver, track, and manage physical training for their members. Whether members are working one-on-one with a coach or utilizing Volt’s patented AI-driven training app to train independently, org leaders can see reporting across their entire member base, regardless of how each program is managed.

Understand how users are feeling

    • In addition to tracking physical capabilities, V3’s redesigned Dashboard also provides a powerful window into how an organization’s members are feeling from a psychological and mental health perspective. In the Volt Training App, users are asked to rate their sleep, mood, energy level, soreness, and stress levels before each workout. This data is now tracked automatically in V3, so coaches have a view into how their users are doing outside of their physical training. Readiness reporting can have huge implications across corporate wellness and tactical markets, as organizations search for ways to monitor and mitigate stress for their members.
    • “Since 2013, Volt has helped thousands of coaches deliver better training to more athletes worldwide,” says Giuliani. “Our goal is to help everyone access safe and effective training—with an ultimate goal of helping people achieve better physical and mental health outcomes. With the launch of V3, we take the next major step towards that end and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Volt Athletics Inc.® (‘Volt’) is the global leader in personalized health and fitness technology. Volt leverages patented artificial intelligence, sport science, and human performance expertise to make world-class, research-based workouts accessible to everyone, everywhere. Learn more at voltathletics.com.

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Chris Birge, Volt Athletics, 1 (206) 701-6432, chris@voltathletics.com

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