Vitally Launches ‘Docs’ to Transform How Customers and Customer Success Teams Collaborate

Vitally, the leading Customer Success Platform (CSP) for business-to-business (B2B) companies, today announced the release of Docs, an innovative tool that streamlines real-time collaboration between customers and Customer Success teams. With Docs, Vitally users can instantly create dedicated workspaces to share critical project details, provide new levels of transparency, and empower teams across organizations to work together like never before.

B2B companies today face increased pressure to deliver best-in-class customers experiences. However, as businesses adopt new tools to measure and monitor performance, the digital divide continues to widen, often resulting in even greater opaqueness between customers and companies. As a result of this separation, Customer Success teams have increased difficulty onboarding customers, scaling operations, communicating with multiple stakeholders, and sharing insights.

As a way to eliminate the digital divide between Customer Success teams and the customers they support, Vitally built Docs as a workspace for cross-organizational collaboration. A collaborative effort might involve sharing details and guidance during onboarding, sharing business metrics for quarterly business reviews (QBRs), or guiding customers through new processes to ensure their success. This is only the tip of the iceberg, as Docs are as versatile and dynamic as the teams that use them.

“Vitally has built a platform that unifies customer data and the tools Customer Success teams need to proactively detect and respond to customer needs,” said Jamie Davidson, CEO and Co-Founder of Vitally. “While collaboration has been approached in many different ways before, no Customer Success Platform has combined collaboration, productivity, and data into one experience, especially when it comes to unlocking the capabilities and power of our platform for our customer’s customers.”

With Docs, Customer Success teams and their customers can:

  • Create a dedicated workspace for outlining processes, sharing insights, and more.
  • Create and manage Projects & Tasks for completion both internally and externally.
  • Enable customers to update traits inline Docs for seamless data entry.
  • Embed widgets to create real-time visual reports.
  • Share insights from integrated data sources (including Salesforce, HubSpot, Segment, Stripe, Mixpanel, and more).
  • Leave comments and feedback to allow continuous collaboration between teams.
  • Attach business-critical documents, files, videos and other assets directly into a Doc

“Our customers asked us to help them collaborate more efficiently with their customers, and we believe the launch of Docs unlocks a new, modern customer collaboration channel that solves this challenge head-on,” said Jason Richman, VP of Sales at Vitally.  “Regardless of your Customer Success model [tech-touch, hybrid-touch or high-touch], we’re confident Docs and the entire Vitally platform offer customers a unique experience unrivaled in the CSP market that will improve customer health, adoption, retention & accelerate expansion.”

Docs launch today for all Vitally customers across all plans as part of Vitally’s All Features, All Plans product offering.

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About Vitally:

Vitally is a platform for Customer Success productivity, enabling B2B companies to reduce churn, increase expansion, enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and maximize team efficiency. Leading companies such as Zapier, Segment, and Productboard use Vitally to power their Customer Success efforts.


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