The Mom Project, Leading Platform for Supporting the Economic Advancement of Working Mothers, Reaches ‘One Million Moms’ Milestone

Since 2020, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic, women accounted for a staggering 11.9 million in lost jobs. The public health and childcare crises put a particular strain on working mothers, many of whom left their roles to act as full-time caregivers, or because their industries were especially impacted by the Coronavirus.

Though these troubling workforce ‘trends’ have received much more attention in the past two years, organizations like The Mom Project have long-recognized that working mothers face multiple obstacles in terms of economic advancement – from combating professional biases to confronting racial discrimination as moms of color, and much more. Founded in 2016 by Allison Robinson, the company has grown from a jobs platform linking mothers with progressive companies to a full-fledged movement on behalf of working moms, adding critical programs such a RISE, a free upskilling program serving mainly mothers of color, and peer mentorship program RALLY to its offerings.

Today, The Mom Project has reached its biggest milestone yet: as of September 2022, the company has attracted and serves one million moms in search of a better work experience. The company is also launching a new enterprise offering today, TMP Reach, which will provide companies with a vast pool of both highly skilled (94% of TMP talent has a bachelor’s degree or higher and 8-12 years of experience) and diverse (50% identify as ethnically diverse) candidates.

Even as the world prepares for an economic slowdown, there continues to be a great demand for talent, and particularly diverse talent, to fill critical open roles. From an employment standpoint, the labor market is still struggling with filling the open positions left vacant by retiring boomers, Covid, the great resignation, the great relocation, the flexible work revolution, the skills transformation and the childcare crisis. There’s greater demand for employees than job seekers have interest. This dynamic is exacerbated with knowledge workers, and further so in diverse knowledge workers.

Says Founder and CEO Allison Robinson: “Serving one million mothers marks a wonderful turning point and moment of celebration for The Mom Project. I’m heartened not just by the way that we’ve grown since 2016, but that we’ve been able to help working moms weather the storm of the past two years in particular. What’s more, as we’ve expanded our offerings, we’re more committed than ever to fighting the biases that we know moms – especially our moms of color – face on a daily basis. That fifty percent of moms on our platform are ethnically diverse is very important to our organization as we continue to upend the status quo and advocate for womens’ economic advancement.”

Coinciding with this milestone, The Mom Project has also launched a refreshed version of its website, providing not only a fresh look for the brand, but an easier-to-navigate and more accessible platform for mothers looking to join the community, or companies hoping to ally themselves with the organization. Please visit for additional details.

About The Mom Project

The Mom Project is the leading platform for moms to discover their economic potential. Serving over one million moms and 3,000+ companies through its robust suite of hiring, education and retention solutions, The Mom Project is supporting mothers in finding success on their own terms. The Chicago-based company was founded in 2016 by Allison Robinson, who serves as CEO, and has raised $116M in funding to date. Serena Williams joined The Mom Project as a Strategic Advisor in 2020 to further mobilize the mission.

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