The Metaverse Spectrum to Kick off the First Metaverse B2B Conference & Expo Event in the Metaverse

Whether you’re a metaverse newbie or pioneer, you won’t want to miss the first-ever Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and Expo Oct. 25. The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference, LLC will host this seminal conference, which is prime networking for an industry that’s expected to grow to $5 trillion by 2030. Instead of just reading about the metaverse, this is a chance to experience the metaverse and all it has to offer firsthand without fancy VR equipment, as none is required. The conference will take place 100 percent in the metaverse.

Impressive speaker lineup

Keynote speaker Tommaso Di Bartolo, author of “Navigating the Metaverse, will start things off with his session “Metaverse Discovery.” Jon Fisher, CEO of ViciNFT, will address NFT securities. CEO of Gen City Labs’ Mike Schaiman will lead a panel on the future of live events in the metaverse and a fireside chat with (13-year-old programmer and non-fungible tokens creator of the Weird Whales collection) Benyamin Ahmed.

Serial entrepreneur Joel Dietz will give a sneak preview of his new metaverse platform MetaMetaverse. Dietz, founder & CEO of MetaMetaverse, has been at the forefront of several future tech trends including blockchain, tokenization, AR/VR and AI art. As a founding member of Ethereum, he started the internal Ethereum project which became the popular Metamask wallet.

Training & Education

The conference and expo will be the place to check out leading metaverse platforms and strategies. Attendees will learn how businesses can use currently available services and technologies to engage customers, provide training/education, and improve operational efficiencies in a convenient and immersive way. They’ll be empowered to create new metaverse experiences and quantify their success with clear ROI metrics and benchmarks.

A combination of how-to-sessions and panel discussions will provide attendees with a solid understanding of metaverse applications for education/training, marketing and commerce.

VIP attendees will get special direct access to our speakers and be able to experience our guided metaverse tours within leading business platforms. All attendees will have the opportunity to network with each other in private or group conversations.

“The event is immersive and allows attendees, sponsors and speakers to interact and learn in an exciting new way,” says, Sabrina George, Sr. VP of The Metaverse Spectrum. “Not only can they experience what the web 3.0 environment can do now, we can give them a foretaste of the future trends.”


In conjunction with the conference, Metaverse Spectrum is recognizing the first-ever METAVERSE 100, honoring the industry’s top influencers and businesses from brands, media companies, technologies, gaming and more within the metaverse space. A panel of metaverse and Web 3.0 experts selected 100 of the most innovative companies they believe will determine the future of the metaverse. View the honorees here.

The winners will be honored at breakfast reception Nov. 7 at One World Trade Center in New York. The event will be hosted by PRophet, a Stagwell Marketing Cloud Company.

Registration is still open. Exhibitors will show off their Web 3.0 wares in branded booths. Attendees will have access to over 1,000 minutes of content and more than 50 speakers. All presentations from the conference will be archived and made available for attendees. To learn more about the conference and to register, please visit:

About The Metaverse Spectrum

The Metaverse Spectrum is an online marketplace for metaverse solutions and Web 3.0 technologies. It was formed to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in the metaverse industry, providing the B2B market with educational venues. The Metaverse Spectrum produces the annual Metaverse Business Conference and Expo and other thought leadership events throughout the year. For more information about the marketplace or Metaverse in general, please visit

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