SucceedSmart Wins Three HR Tech Awards from Lighthouse Research & Advisory for its AI-Driven Executive Recruitment Platform and Commitment to DEI

SucceedSmart, the pioneer of AI-driven modern executive recruitment, won three HR Tech Awards from Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

HR Tech Awards follow five Stevie® Awards, underscoring SucceedSmart’s position as a disruptor in executive recruitment

The HR Tech Awards recognize an elite group of companies, representing approximately 1% of the overall firms in the HR technology marketplace, for their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about.

Winners were announced during a live webcast on May 1 and the full list is published on the HR Tech Awards website. SucceedSmart won three Talent Acquisition awards in the following subcategories:

  • Best Advancement in Practical AI
  • Best DEI-Enabling Solution
  • Best Innovative or Emerging Tech Solution

“Talent acquisition has seen a lot of innovation in AI, but executive search has been one area that’s been lacking,” said Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory. “SucceedSmart brings a fresh new perspective and platform that gives employers a faster, less biased, and more transparent selection process, helping employers to bring in the right leadership talent to propel the business forward.”

Utilizing an innovative­, AI-powered SaaS model, SucceedSmart stre­amlines executive recruitme­nt while e­liminating traditional placement fee­s. Like Robinhood democratized investing, SucceedSmart is democratizing executive search, delivering a modern, digital approach while prioritizing diversity.  A ‘single-blind’ approach helps mitigate­ conscious and unconscious bias, promoting diversity and inclusivity in the hiring proce­ss.

SucceedSmart continues to innovate and unveiled a generative AI platform, Taylor, in October 2023, which creates unbiased, accomplishment-based job descriptions and flags existing job descriptions for bias and instantly recommends essential changes.

“Traditional executive search is exorbitantly expensive, inefficient, exclusionary, and clubby,” said Sanjay Sathé, founder and CEO of SucceedSmart. “Our patented AI-powered accomplishment-based matching algorithm evaluates candidates based on past accomplishments—not personal information and characteristics—minimizing bias and promoting diversity and transparency in the executive recruitment process. Recognition by the HR Tech Awards serves as validation of our ongoing commitment to disrupting the executive recruitment industry while supporting diversity.”

Get in touch to learn more about how SucceedSmart’s AI-driven platform helps organizations fill complex leadership roles with unmatched agility, accuracy, and affordability, while promoting diversity and transparency.

About SucceedSmart
SucceedSmart is an award-winning executive recruiting platform on a mission to modernize leadership recruiting for director to C-level talent. Acting as an extension of talent acquisition teams, SucceedSmart blends technology with human expertise to help companies fill complex leadership roles with unmatched agility, accuracy, and affordability, while promoting diversity and transparency. By leveraging proprietary AI and custom-built accomplishment-based matching technology, along with talent advisors and executive coaches, SucceedSmart drives significant value for organizations looking to fill critical leadership roles. To learn more, visit

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