Steller Launches Trips, a Collaborative Intelligence Trip Planning Tool

Trips is a major evolution in travel planning bringing together the unique strengths of humans and AI to make planning and booking trips a seamless process.

Steller, the travel platform that allows travelers to discover, connect and book based on experiences shared by their favorite creators, today announces the release of Trips by Steller, a collaborative trip planning tool powered by the human narrative.

Trips by Steller recognizes the appeal of short-form video content on travel decisions, with 75% of travelers relying on social media videos for destination inspiration. By uniting this engaging content with destination details, curated trips from experts, interactive maps, an AI-enhanced trip planner, and booking functionality, Trips offers a comprehensive and intuitive social commerce solution for the travel industry.

Designed for easy integration with third-party platforms, Steller has integrations with leading OTA platforms such as Viator and Trivago, with more collaborations underway. Steller is working on content syndication with several players in the travel industry. The travel platform’s content also supports destinations on a market leading search engine.

Trips Key Features:

  1. Collaborative Intelligence: Our patent-pending trip planning tool merges AI capabilities with the compelling force of the human narrative, revolutionizing the way travelers plan their adventures.
  2. Organize Your Trip Itinerary: Plan your trip your way by arranging your itinerary by days or categories. Whether you’re a meticulous scheduler or a more relaxed traveler, or just planning a date night, our planner adapts to your style.
  3. Featured Trips: Gain inspiration from travel creators and local experts who share their favorite itineraries. Explore destinations like a pro with handpicked trips that include insider tips and hidden gems.
  4. Book Unique Experiences: Elevate your trip with unique experiences that set your trip apart. Private tours, exclusive experiences, classes with locals, whatever your preference, our planner connects you with one-of-a-kind activities.
  5. Note Function: Keep your trip plans organized with the built-in note function. Jot down important details or must-visit recommendations to ensure your trip goes smoothly.
  6. Short-Form Video Content: Immerse yourself in the travel experiences of others. Trips includes short-form videos created by travelers who have explored the destinations, providing you with insights and visual inspiration.
  7. Share with Friends: Planning a group trip? Trips are easy to share with friends and family.

In a world where travel planning is often reduced to transactions, Steller’s Trips marks a significant evolution in the travel industry. The tool brings the multiple tools people use to plan trips into one platform and enhances it with a combination of storytelling and AI. Steller’s mission is to bring back the human narrative, ensuring that every journey is not just well-organized but deeply enriching, authentic, and truly memorable. The company believes that travel is about the experience, and Trips by Steller will help travelers make that experience unforgettable. To learn more download Steller.


Pete Bryant, CEO of Steller “We’re thrilled to introduce Trips, our collaborative intelligence trip planning tool that places the human narrative at the forefront of travel experiences. We believe the human experience is a critical factor in travel planning and that by infusing it back into travel discovery and planning we can help a new generation of travelers easily embark on journeys that are not only well-organized but also deeply enriching, authentic and truly memorable.

Rik van der Kooi, Vice Chairman – “What I love about Trips is that it replaces perspiration – the significant effort required to find what’s truly interesting and fun about a destination – with inspiration, through videos, creators I follow, and an intuitive tool for booking a trip. It’s the travel booking of the future”

About Steller

Steller, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Kirkland, Wash., is the market leading travel discovery platform that seamlessly guides travelers from inspiration to planning and booking through the authentic experiences of their favorite creators. Steller’s player distributes experiences in more than 1,000 destinations to a worldwide travel audience through their preferred partnerships with leading search engines and travel booking sites. Nearly 5 million hotels and experiences from around the globe can be found and booked on the Steller app. Learn more at

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