Spryte Labs Launches FairTech, a Tech Industry Certification for Remote Technology Workers

Spryte Labs launches Spryte FairTech, a complete technology sourcing certification program that ensures the technology you use is developed responsibly.

Concerned with the working conditions and compensation levels practiced by tech shops around the world, Spryte Labs aims to help certify and promote companies that engage in responsible and ethical software development practices. Of particular note are the exploitative working conditions, chronic underpayment and demanding hours which have become increasingly common at many offshore tech shops.

Many of the apps and websites we use every day are developed primarily by outsourced software teams in countries with little to no regulations on working conditions. This has led to gray-areas and ethically questionable practices. Some countries such as France have strict “remote-work” policies, but many others do not, which leaves developers at risk.

The rise and acceptance of remote-work during the pandemic has entirely changed the landscape for software developers and information tech workers. With over two decades of outsourcing experience, the leadership at Spryte is intimately familiar with the practices associated with outsourcing, and has noticed worrying trends as demand for offshore developers skyrockets.

Spryte Labs is launching FairTech in response to requests from our clients committed to ESG initiatives and to anticipate and prevent the major labor abuses which have plagued the textile, fashion and manufacturing industries for decades. By encouraging and developing ethical guidelines together, we can ensure that the information technology sector builds a robust worldwide supply chain.

Spryte Labs is launching its FairTech certification program to its network of over 300 development partners worldwide. To enroll as a certified partner click here.

Spryte Labs encourages anyone in the technology industry with an interest in FairTech to join our working group and help evolve the rules for these certifications.

Developers wishing to inform on abusive work environments and practices can do so anonymously using the tip line.

About Spryte Labs: Spryte Labs powers technology. Embedded with industry-leading AI and proprietary matching algorithms, Spryte Labs draws from a pool of over 40,000 resources from 300 leading technology firms, providing transparent pricing on tech teams calibrated to the needs of the most demanding clients. Existing customers include large financial institutions as well as high-growth start-ups. Get paid for growing the Spryte Labs network.

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