Silktide Launches Free Accessibility Checker on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Silktide are proud to announce the launch of our free Silktide Accessibility Checker, to commemorate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD).

This free Chrome and Edge extension transforms how easily developers, content creators, and website owners can test for web accessibility.

The Silktide Accessibility Checker can perform comprehensive audits against more than 200 web accessibility checks, simplifying the process of making websites compliant with the latest WCAG 2.2 guidelines.

What can it do?

  • Automated checks: Tests web pages against WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 guidelines
  • Designed for everybody: clear, actionable reports that make resolving issues straightforward
  • Mobile and tablet simulations: Test across devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Comprehensive help: Detailed guides and videos to help users understand and rectify issues quickly
  • Screen reader simulator: Experience a screen reader without having to install one
  • Color contrast checker: Test if your color contrast is sufficient
  • Innovative simulations: Various disability simulators to enhance empathy and understanding

Why should I use an accessibility checker?

Web accessibility helps make sure your website is usable by as many people as possible, regardless of their ability. In becoming accessible, you open your web content to as many people as possible.

Increasingly this is becoming a fundamental human right. There are many accessibility laws globally that mandate a minimum level of accessibility.

Regular accessibility auditing is key, but it can be quite a challenging topic to learn. That’s why we created this easy-to-understand free tool – to help you understand the fundamentals of web accessibility.

How is this better than other accessibility checkers?

There are plenty of accessibility checkers, but we’ve been consistently frustrated by how difficult they are to use. Most are designed by developers, for developers.

We decided we could do better.

Our checker purposely is built on the best features we’ve found from others, with a focus on ease of use.

We also decided to make one of the most elusive aspects of web accessibility more available to non-experts. Our Accessibility Checker includes a screen reader simulator, which allows users to test for a screen reader experience without the pain of having to pay for, install, and learn one.

How to install

Visit the Chrome store to install the browser extension. It’s compatible with Chrome and Edge browsers.

About Silktide

Silktide is the web intelligence company helping businesses and organizations make their websites better.

We’re committed to enhancing the accessibility of the web. Our tools are designed to help people create a more inclusive digital space, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can enjoy all that the web has to offer.

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