Phonecheck Launches Its Device Certification and Erasure Services for Apple Watch to Meet Growing Demand in the Secondhand Wearables Market

Phonecheck, an industry-trusted mobile device certification provider, today announced its offering for comprehensive erasure and refurbishing solutions for previously-owned Apple Watch products. Customers can now securely erase existing data and collect device details, like model type and device history, using this new tool. As interest in refurbished wearables grows, the solution increases the efficiency of processing these devices and gives consumers added confidence when buying renewed electronics.

“We have seen sharp growth in the number of Apple Watches entering the secondhand market which is driving the need for third-party certification in this category,” said Jax Futrell, Chief Operating Officer at Phonecheck. “Phonecheck enables sellers to certify smart watches and build trust with buyers through certified erasure, testing and data represented by the Phonecheck Certified badge.”

“Apple Watches have proven to be an increasingly popular product category for us and customers expect the same level of trust and reliability that we can offer for Macs and iPhones. Phonecheck’s proven certification process for front-to-back diagnostics and refurbishing will help us offer market-ready devices with 100% confidence that they will work as advertised and deliver a like-new experience to our customers,” said Amato Cole, Director of Marketing at macofalltrades, a leading seller of certified pre-owned Apple products and Phonecheck customer.

With a comprehensive solution now available for Apple Watch, Phonecheck customers can expect the same quality, thoroughness and efficiency they have come to expect when certifying smartphones. This includes a Device History Report, providing crucial details on device authenticity, ownership status, software version, battery percentage and more. Devices undergo a comprehensive certified data-wipe process, accredited by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA). Phonecheck certification goes beyond diagnostics and data-wipe to report accurate, verified data on each device for sellers to deliver as an added value to their customers in the resale process.

Consumers will begin to see Phonecheck Certified Apple Watches on popular refurbished marketplaces and websites in the coming weeks and months, giving them transparency and confidence in the quality and reliability of the devices.

About Phonecheck

Phonecheck is on a mission to build trust between buyers and sellers of used mobile phones. With its 80-point certification, ADISA-certified data wipe process and complete Device History Report for iOS and Android phones, Phonecheck is trusted by leading enterprise used device processors and global marketplaces like eBay to certify used devices at scale. By looking for the Phonecheck Certified logo, used device buyers can shop with confidence and transparency. Don’t buy a used device without a Phonecheck Certified History Report! Learn more at


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