Magicbox Launches World’s First-Ever Mobile Virtual Production Superstudio

In what has been lauded as a revolutionary development in virtual production, Brian T. Nowac, CEO of Magicbox, will introduce the world’s first-ever mobile virtual production Superstudio at an exclusive launch event hosted by Stargate Studios in South Pasadena on August 19.

According to Nowac, the mission of the Magicbox is to make motion picture technology accessible to any content producer. The patent pending design is a semi trailer that transforms into an LED volume and computer control center in minutes.

“Our goal at Magicbox is to democratize technology, by building a platform of affordable solutions and making them accessible to everyone,” Nowac said. “The Magicbox prototype will revolutionize motion picture and video productions by making it easier for them to produce more creative content, faster, cheaper, and safer than ever possible before.”

Nowac and his team have spent the last two years working with virtual production experts, including industry pioneer Sam Nicholson, CEO of Stargate Studios, to analyze modern virtual production and the ways in which it can be utilized more effectively by content producers.

Modern virtual production, inside LED volumes, has disrupted the entertainment industry by making productions faster, less expensive, and safer by providing content producers with more control of the production process.

Sam Nicholson, calls Magicbox a high-tech origami that unfolds in a parking lot. “Magicbox is the only virtual production system that I have worked with that can set up, shoot, and strike in a 12-hour day,” he continued.

The Magicbox launch event will take place on Friday, August 19, from 6pm to 10pm.

For more information about Magicbox, please contact Brian T. Nowac at

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