LEADx Launches TeamView™ for Managers to Help Them Personalize Their Approach to Leadership

LEADx, the leading behavioral change platform for leadership development, announced the launch of LEADx TeamView for Managers today.

This new feature gives managers one-tap access to team members’ personalities, strengths, and work styles and advice on precisely individualizing their leadership behaviors to coach, grow and engage each direct report.

Whether you are trying to reduce turnover, battle “quiet quitting,” or just want to maximize performance–managers are the key. In fact, according to Gallup 70% of the variance in employee engagement is tied back to the manager’s behaviors.

But too often, managers take a “one size fits all” approach to leading their team. Even if a team undergoes a behavioral assessment, managers often forget their teammates’ unique profiles, so they fail to individualize their leadership.

With LEADx TeamView and LEADx iNudge, organizations can turn all of their managers into legacy leaders.

“There’s the old saying, average managers play checkers while great leaders play chess,” said Kevin Kruse, CEO of LEADx. “Instead of moving all the pieces the same way, we need to learn how each piece moves. Individualizing our approach to leadership–knowing how to engage each unique team member–that’s the only way to win the culture game.”

The LEADx platform combines behavioral science, smart algorithms, and expert insights to dramatically improve leadership behaviors, employee engagement, and productivity. LEADx TeamView joins a suite of other powerful features including:

  • LEADx iNudge: delivers hyper-personalized behavioral nudges that drive employee engagement
  • LEADx Big 5: the most widely used and validated personality model in the world unlocks deeper levels of self-awareness
  • LEADx CAT Scan (Culture Analysis Teams): manager effectiveness survey measuring 12 key engagement-driving behaviors

To learn more about how to put the power of personality and individualized leadership literally into your managers’ hands, visit LEADx.org.

About LEADx

Founded in 2017, LEADx is the only mobile-first leadership development platform that scales training and sustains habits with a unique combination of nudges, micro-coaching, micro-learning, and assessments. The LEADx platform is designed for today’s busy professionals: anywhere, anytime, on-demand. LEADx is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and helps emerging and experienced leaders at organizations like Estes Trucking, Northwestern Mutual, Biohaven, Deltek, and IAT Insurance Group. To learn more, visit www.leadx.org.

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