Leading Nurse Community connectRN Joins Forces with The Nursing Beat to Create Expanded Nurse Ecosystem

Leading nurse community connectRN has announced an exclusive partnership with The Nursing Beat, a nurse-led media company that specializes in healthcare content aiming to connect, empower, and educate nurses. The goal of the partnership will be to reach expanded audiences, drive nurse-centric thought leadership forward, and create a sense of community and direction for nurses navigating a complicated industry.

Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, nurses experienced high levels of burnout due to issues like low salary, long hours, and lack of communication with management. The problems have only been exacerbated by overrun hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, along with the ongoing nursing shortage. connectRN works to address these issues head on by providing nurses with flexible work hours, pay transparency, and resources dedicated to topics like mental health and reproductive rights.

The Nursing Beat is a growing nurse-led community with a network of over 28 thousand innovators and changemakers. They reach nearly one million nurses through their daily digest and influencer network. In tandem with connectRN, they aim to empower clinicians by curating resource-rich content in areas from self-care and mental health, to advocacy and professional identity development. Together, the two organizations will deliver co-branded content and expertise from their communities of professionals to provide trusted, inspiring resources and events that connect healthcare professionals.

“Partnering with The Nursing Beat furthers our commitment to deliver the best resources and experiences for nurses and CNAs who are navigating their careers. Our missions align perfectly and together we can expand our collective communities and build tools and events where they feel valued and supported,” said connectRN CEO Ted Jeanloz.

“Our partnership with connectRN leverages our mutual networks to accelerate our shared goal of building a vibrant community of clinicians that are inspired and prepared to take on workforce challenges. We know that nurses are at the heart of healthcare,” noted The Nursing Beat CEO Tamara AL-Yassin.

About connectRN

connectRN is the leading nurse community, created to connect nurses with each other, provide career support and deliver flexible work opportunities. By leveraging technology, the platform allows access to work opportunities and vital resources nurses need to build a thriving career. connectRN is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and serves clinicians across the U.S. To learn more about connectRN, please visit www.connectrn.com.

About The Nursing Beat

The Nursing Beat is a nurse-led community and media company that is creating the industry’s largest network of nurses and allied clinicians to ultimately drive sustainability in healthcare. Their daily short-form content serves as the quintessential messenger to address the unmet needs of the nursing population on topics such as burnout, financial literacy, and research. The Nursing Beat is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about The Nursing Beat, please visit www.thenursingbeat.com.

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