Joget Launches New Global Partner Program to Expand Reach and Enhance Customer Experience

Joget Inc, the open-source no-code/low-code application development platform company with a worldwide presence and customer base, announced the launch of its new streamlined global channel partner program. The program aims to strengthen Joget’s partner ecosystem, which prioritizes partner relationships and the ability to help them scale, succeed, and deliver better end-customer experiences.

Over the past year, Joget has rapidly expanded its partner network worldwide. The new program will help Joget partners support their enterprise customers and capitalize on the exploding market demand for legacy modernization and digital transformation solutions.

With enhanced benefits and resources designed to bring more agility to its growing ecosystem, the new program offers a comprehensive and more easily accessible range of partner skills and solutions for the end customers racing to keep pace with their markets.

“Partners are strategic to our overall growth strategy, and our newly enhanced program will support and reward their commitment and investment,” said Raveesh Dewan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Joget, Inc. “We aim to provide our enterprise customers with the best way to accelerate their digital transformation journey, and we do that by partnering with some of the leading and most innovative providers who share the same values and passion to serve the end customers.”

The Joget platform is an ideal choice for partners looking to incorporate their own unique services. The platform allows for flexibility and customization, enabling partners to add their value and offerings to the system. This can include additional features, integrations with other tools, and specialized functionality specific to a particular industry and use case. With the ability to tailor the platform to their specific needs, partners can differentiate themselves and provide value-added services to their end customers.

Joget Partner Program is designed for partners at any stage and has three tiers – with the benefits increasing at each level. The program enables partners to expand and diversify their customer bases, provide more value for their enterprise clients, deepen their expertise, and differentiate their businesses by providing substantial benefits.

With this streamlined and strengthened program, end-customers will realize an improved overall experience working with Joget partners through benefits such as accelerated time to market, training, and support.

The partner program has already been rolled out in Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA), and the United States. Next, Joget plans to roll out the program in the Asia Pacific region.

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About Joget

Joget, Inc. was founded with a mission to help customers build comprehensive enterprise apps faster. With simplicity and flexibility in mind, Joget created an open-source low-code and no-code application platform that allows organizations to build complex apps and automate process flows easily.

Joget believes in empowering everyone—business users, non-coders, and coders—to turn their best ideas into future-ready solutions that accelerate digital transformation. Today, the Joget platform enables organizations and employees to build impactful enterprise apps that address organizational challenges, generate business value, and stimulate innovation across many industries.

Since its inception, Joget has had more than 12,000 community users and customers worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, as well as customers from the finance, insurance, banking, aviation, and manufacturing industries.

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