How to Use Social Media for Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment advertising essentially entails finding and connecting with quality candidates. Social media platforms are where most people currently hang out, interact, and express their ideas. Internet users have at least five social media platforms on average, which makes these platforms a perfect place to find your next hire.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms offer recruiters tremendous opportunities to connect with potential candidates, most of whom they can’t easily be found through traditional hiring options. That said, use the following tips for success in social media recruitment advertising.

1. Choose the Right Channel

You’ll have more chances of success by choosing the right social media platform. Unlike before, tens of social media platforms are available today. You should understand how each channel works and, especially, the primary audience on specific channels.

For instance, while you can find top candidates for marketing, retail, and design industries on Instagram, it isn’t a good choice for programmers and developers. Generally, LinkedIn is the most preferred social media platform, with over 90% of employers using LinkedIn to fill vacant positions in their companies.

2. Experiment with Paid Ads

You should also consider using paid Ads for social media recruitment marketing. Besides improving your visibility, paid Ads have better targeting on social channels than job boards and other recruitment platforms. Paid Ads on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, are also cheaper.

Paid Ads allow employers to target potential employees using their location, job titles, personal interests, and other important criteria. The best part is you can begin with a small budget, track results, and scale gradually. You should also experiment extensively to see the best captions that direct more qualified candidates your way.

3. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Your brand’s social media profile represents your company culture and core values online. As such, you should consider creating separate social profiles specifically designated for talent acquisition and employer branding. This allows you to target your profile’s messaging and communication with potential candidates.

Employers should also encourage their employees to optimize their social media profiles. This includes using branded and consistent brand colors and cover images or including links to their career site.

The Bottom Line

Finding potential hires on social media platforms shouldn’t be challenging. Social platforms make it easy for employers to reach passive job seekers, save time and cost per hire, and showcase their brand. Most active job seekers use social media to evaluate employer brands before applying for or accepting job offers.

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