Holon Answers The Call to Ease Administrative Burden and Provide Relief to Care Teams at a Time of Unprecedented Levels of Burnout and Staffing Shortages

Holon, healthcare’s leading intelligent technology company, today announced the launch of Holon Community. More than a product, Holon Community is a place where healthcare administration is made more effortless with personalized tools and information, providing relief for care teams and delivering results for enterprises.

“The pressure on care teams to deliver excellent healthcare has never been higher, and the environment has never been more dynamic and complex. This complexity creates more cognitive load and burden, causing unprecedented levels of burnout for the people we need the most, exactly when we can least afford it. Holon Community is a place where the provision of care prioritizes people and empathy — first and always. It’s a place that enables connections across people, information, and networks, providing relief to the dedicated care teams who serve us all,” said CEO Jon Zimmerman.

These challenges are best articulated by an advisory from Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA, “Addressing Health Worker Burnout,” published on May 23, 2022. Dr. Murthy notes that health workers are stretched too thin, fighting against ever-increasing administrative requirements. At the same time, they don’t have the resources they need to provide patients and communities the highest-quality care.

The Advisory states: “We owe health workers far more than our gratitude. We owe them an urgent debt of action.”

With the urgency never more clear, Holon has responded to the call throughout the industry and created the powerful, innovative Holon Community platform, launched with a new multi-regional and national campaign, Healthcare should feel human.

Holon Community is a place of dedicated relief where the burdens of delivering healthcare are dramatically reduced by applying new technologies, methods, and partnerships. Workflows are simplified with personalized tools and access to information, including robust analytics that demonstrate value and performance for enterprises.

The new Holon Community platform was developed in partnership with customers, researchers, payers, health systems, providers, HIEs, ACOs, and MSOs, incorporating their feedback throughout the development and delivery process. Now Holon is making the intelligent, responsive technologies that power Holon Community available nationwide.

“Holon Community was built with key insights we gathered through market research as well as customer partnership and feedback. We will continue in our unrelenting drive to innovate new ways to deliver results for our customers and lead the industry with game-changing relief for care teams,” said Chief Product and Technology Officer Nate King.

After comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research as well as deep engagement with users and customers, Holon dedicated its full bench of expertise and capital to improve the lives of health professionals so they can do their best work. Holon studied the environment and evaluated key sources of burden in order to focus on practical solutions that provide simplicity, satisfaction, and measurable results. This research and insight was the true inspiration for the strategy, which includes leading with empathy and a commitment to system-wide improvement.

Care teams typically are overburdened with time-consuming process and confusing systems when they need to:

  • Deliver best-practice care in the most appropriate setting
  • Close care gaps effectively
  • Document risk accurately
  • Maintain network integrity
  • Secure prior authorization
  • Schedule critical surgical and medical procedures
  • Collaborate across the continuum
  • Comply with payer and government contracts and regulations

“We are very grateful for the countless hours of guidance we received from the scores of diverse professionals and teams who have encouraged, emboldened, and prepared us to launch Holon Community at a time when the need to address burnout and provide relief has become an absolute imperative,” said Zimmerman.

Deploying its leadership team and network of professionals assembled from the healthcare, insurance, media, entertainment, retail, and technology industries, Holon is changing the game in healthcare so the industry is enabled to deliver on the promise of community-wide, value-based care.

Holon Community leverages patented technology, systems, and methodologies that understand:

  • Each unique role within a care team
  • Goals of each role at the point of care and within the larger enterprise
  • Existing technologies, systems, and workflows
  • Networks and care communities

Further, Holon Community delivers the information care teams and enterprise leaders need within their workflows, personalizing it for:

  • How they want it
  • When they want it
  • Where they want it
  • With whom they must communicate it

With years of hard-won experience, Holon is fully aware that technology by itself cannot create value and is delivering a set of assistive capabilities based on strategic partnerships, adoption best practices, and value realization.

Holon is encouraged by the success and performance achieved by its early adopters.

“Holon has been very smooth and very positive at my practice. As a provider, I use the app in pre-visit planning (chart prepping portion of my day), where I review the patient’s information and have a baseline of what I need to accomplish with the patient. That’s where Holon stepped in and helped me. We are heavily focused on total cost of care and transitions of care to increase the efficiency and quality, while decreasing the costs. So, I love being able to see the urgent care and ER visits in the Holon app. Being able to see vaccinations in the pharmacy data is incredibly helpful for my nurses as well. Before Holon, it’s often a call, or they would have to log into a different device. Now, they have all the information right there for them.”

Michael Dlugosz, MD, Highgate Medical

Holon’s customers have experienced time savings as high as 20 minutes per case in clinical triage and up to 30 minutes saved on chart prep prior to the patient visit. Quality and risk gap closure rates have increased up to 80% in just 30 days with Holon’s tools and customer-success partnership.

“At its core, healthcare is about humans helping humans. Our promise, ‘healthcare should feel human,’ embodies everything that Holon stands for, from supporting each healthcare team member’s unique needs to driving measurable results for our customers to delivering better care for patients. We’re leveraging bold images that invoke emotion and distinct messaging that breaks through all the industry noise. Our omni-channel strategy will unveil our new platform, reinforce the importance of empathy across the care continuum, and further establish Holon’s strong reputation as the market leader in innovative healthcare solutions,” said Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Varney.

All that Holon does today and will do tomorrow serves the undeniable truth, which is captured in the new brand promise video, “Healthcare Should Feel Human.”

About Holon:

Our company name and promise were inspired by the meaning of the word “Holon” and the role we play across the broader healthcare ecosystem. A “Holon,” originally defined in ancient Greece, is a system that makes a system from independent yet interdependent parts. At Holon, we put this meaning at the center of everything we do and why we do it. Holon’s innovative, intelligent platform is more than a product but a place. It’s a place where healthcare is made effortless with personalized tools that eliminate process complexity and provide relief for each are team member so they can focus on what matters most. Holon’s patented sensor technology curates multi-source patient and member information and automatically presents it directly within personalized clinical workflows, saving healthcare teams time and relieving the burnout and barriers to delivering high-quality care. Holon’s diverse team of medical, retail, entertainment, design, operations, and technology experts leverage modern approaches combined with human-centric design focused on a personalized user experience at the point of care as well as the enterprise level. Knowing that technology by itself does not produce results, Holon’s dedicated Customer Success professionals personally ensure that clinicians, administrators, and executives realize measurable value and drive large-scale system-wide adoption, improvements, and results.

For more information: To find out more about how Holon delivers results for enterprises and relief for care teams, schedule your personalized demo here: https://www.holonsolutions.com/contact/

For media inquiries: Contact our team at 344117@email4pr.com or Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Varney at 344117@email4pr.com

For partners: Reach out directly and engage CEO Jon Zimmerman at jzimmerman@holonsolutions.com.

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