Health Carousel Transforms Staffing for Southeast Health: A Case Study in Innovative Workforce Solutions

ealth Carousel, a leader in healthcare staffing solutions, recently partnered with Southeast Health, a forward-thinking healthcare institution, to address critical staffing challenges and achieve strategic business goals with a focus on improved patient care and staff retention.


In 2018, Southeast Health faced a looming nursing shortage, realizing that current recruitment strategies were ineffective in terms of cost and efficiency. Local and regional recruitment efforts fell short, leading to challenges in filling essential positions. Difficulties in staffing specialized roles added strain to healthcare delivery.

Southeast tackled its staffing challenges through a strategic partnership with Health Carousel, resulting in a tailored staffing solution and the creation of a successful international nursing program.

“Our mission is focused on ensuring the wellness of our communities and the people that we serve,” Melissa Owens, RN, MSN, CNO and VP, Patient Care Services for Southeast Health said. “Health Carousel took the time to get to know our facility and what we needed. Partnering with them, understanding that they are aligned with us in our mission, was significant for our ability to be successful.”

With long-term assignments for international nurses, Southeast not only secured stability and diversity, but also fostered a sense of community integration, echoing the hospital’s commitment to making their staff feel like they are part of the family.

“Healthcare is not just a service; it’s a fundamental expression of compassion,” Donita Ross, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CGNC, ACNO and VP of Health Carousel International. “We are extremely proud to partner Southeast Health and share their inclusive and empowering culture with our nurses. Their dedication to their patients and all their staff, highlights how each individual plays a vital role in improving the lives of our community members.”

Building on the initial success of the partnership, Southeast expanded their staffing solutions to include a managed workforce program, incorporating domestic nurses and innovative staffing technology. Powered by a Vendor Management System (VMS) that’s specifically designed for healthcare leaders, they now have real-time access to vital information such as candidate pipeline and cost-benefit ratios.

Thanks to this comprehensive initiative, Southeast Health has greater control over its operating budget and streamlined their staffing process. Health Carousel helped Southeast expand their international nursing team to 120, which is complemented by the strategic use of domestic nurses to fill immediate needs, resulting in an impressive 11% reduction in Southeast’s contingent labor costs.

For more on this solution for workforce stabilization, cost reduction, and operational enhancement, watch the video highlighting Southeast Health’s success.  

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Health Carousel is a total talent management company with a leading portfolio of healthcare staffing solutions. By delivering highly qualified international nurses, travel nurses, and allied health professionals across a range of in-demand specialties, we are working to ensure every patient in the United States of America has access to a qualified healthcare professional, when and where they are needed.

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