GOATED.gg Launches: Flipping the Script in Favor of Gamers

The boom in Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs have become the subject of healthy skepticism. Scammers, flooded markets and dodgy, insecure blockchains have resulted in more than reduced market confidence: it has jeopardized whole newly developed ecosystems. But now a team of gamers, technologists and experienced entrepreneurs have ‘flipped the script’.

GOATED’s goal is to create a simple, safe, trusted, transparent and reliable platform for competitive gamers and content creators and their millions of fans and followers. GOATED rewards and supports the worldwide gamer community by developing innovative, valuable, yet affordable, digital collectable products, incentives and engagement opportunities. Fans can sell, trade and share their collectables on the goated.gg platform. Launching on the Solana Blockchain (one of the least-expensive and least energy consuming blockchains), GOATED combines gamer know-how and experience with the passion of their fans and followers.

What makes GOATED different from all the other projects that we have seen thus far? The GOATED developer team has analyzed the mistakes of previous NFT startups and has developed innovative ways for competitive gamers, content creators, along with their fans, to earn rewards by engaging with and supporting their favorite gamers and each other while easily collecting and trading unique, exclusive GamerClips, GamerCards and GamerCoins created by their favorite competitive gamers and content creators. Bruce Edward Spector, founder of GOATED, calls the GOATED methods Engage to Earn™.

The goated.gg roadmap will enable gamers to connect with their millions of fans and followers via Engage to Earn, a breakthrough model that allows gamers to earn rewards for what gamers already love doing. Engage to Earn will include: Watch to Earn, Comment to Earn, Collect to Earn, Trade to Earn, Stake to Earn, Subscribe to Earn, Follow to Earn, Nominate to Earn, Vote to Earn, and Share to Earn.

GOATED gamers and content creators also receive the highest percentage of primary sales of their NFTs of any marketplace operating today. GOATED Gamers and Content Creators are also paid continuing, perpetual royalties on all secondary market sales of their GOATED NFTs on the GOATED Marketplace (and other compatible marketplaces). GOATED members will also receive future rewards from their favorite GOATED creators in the form of GOATED CreatorCoins and royalties attached to their NFT collections.

GOATED hopes to finally bring some long-awaited trust, transparency, fairer and more equitable rewards, real value and confidence to the worldwide gamer community and the developing blockchain and NFT market.


Media Contact: bruce@goated.gg or monika@goated.gg

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