Entrelliance Launches a Better Way to Start and Grow Great Companies

Entrelliance today announced the launch of its new global community of founders, mentors, investors and experts working together to grow great companies, nurture effective leaders and build healthy communities. But this will be short because nobody reads these anyway. Entrelliance is basically publishing this for SEO purposes so startup founders and others will be able to find the Entrelliance website and LinkedIn page through search.

Media outlets serve their readers who long ago accepted the notion that a startup’s worth and value-creation potential is somehow proportionate to the size of the money pot it’s able to raise at some eye-popping valuation. Entrelliance sees things differently.

The global startup ecosystem has been distracted and distorted by too many “accelerators” and too much money from inexperienced fund managers. This fosters a system that encourages founders to pitch/raise/repeat with finely tuned decks featuring big dreams and hockey stick projections that NEVER actually happen. It doesn’t help anyone build better companies or become better leaders.

Entrelliance has created a new model – call it the REvolution of the accelerator.

Why, for example, does 80 percent of capital invested in early-stage companies gets lost? Zero returns.

Investors can sustain it. They’ve priced it into their model. But what is the true cost to the founders who spend years of their lives chasing a dream that crashes because they didn’t get the quality of advice or mentorship they really needed. And what about the cost to communities around the world that lose out on jobs that might have been created and the leaders who could have helped them build stronger, healthier foundations?

Entrelliance is not an “accelerator”, not a “fund”. It’s a place where:

  • Founders find long-term support, world-class training, highly engaged mentors, capital, and no pretense. Founders can be authentic, and Entrelliance will help them learn, connect and grow.
  • Experienced mentors can truly “scale” the value of their precious mentoring and personal networks with an early window to invest in some of the world’s best-vetted startups.
  • Investors gain access to opportunities with 100% transparency, thorough risk/return analysis, and a built-in pool of highly qualified directors and advisors. It’s like being a board observer before deciding to invest.
  • All members share in the value the community creates – in a place where everyone functions as equals.

We promised short and have already squeezed in all the SEO terms needed, so that’s it. If anyone’s actually out there, is human and interested in finding out more, visit: http://www.entrelliance.net. Or contact Entrelliance here.

About: Entrelliance is a global community of founders, mentors, and investors working together to build great companies. Press releases aren’t a top priority.

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