CityPT Partners with Uncaged Clinician to Modernize How Private Practices Build Their Business

CityPT Inc., a physical therapy tech startup that delivers exceptional care and groundbreaking software, today announced a new partnership with Uncaged Clinician, the leading healthcare business coaching organization committed to helping rehab therapy entrepreneurs build scalable businesses. Uncaged Clinician has adopted CityPT’s RehabWorks, a community-building and collaboration platform that gives clinicians a dedicated place to share best practices, develop clinical and non-clinical skills, work on niche projects, and build relationships.

Many healthcare coaching organizations manage their communities in multiple systems, leading to redundancy, logistical challenges, and lack of data ownership. To improve the member experience and accelerate community growth, coaching organizations require a more streamlined way to deliver their programs as well as manage, communicate with, and serve their community. With RehabWorks, companies can offer their coaching staff and members modern communication and project management tools, all in one place.

“RehabWorks streamlines the numerous, complex processes and conversations required to keep thousands of clinicians learning and engaged, so that they can unleash their potential and build their businesses successfully,” said Kevin DeGroot, CEO, Uncaged Clinician. “Just as important, it enables our company to retain full privacy and ownership of our member data, unlike when communities exist entirely on social media platforms.”

Uncaged Clinician implemented RehabWorks as one of the first companies to leverage this new technology with the goal of enabling its members to connect. With hundreds of users now active on the platform, Uncaged Clinician’s members are forging new business opportunities that stem from having a platform to easily share their thoughts, ideas, stories, challenges, and successes.

“Designed and developed in the spirit of how we work at CityPT, RehabWorks sparks human to human connection, a mission that we share with Uncaged Clinician,” said Andrew Shirk, CEO, CityPT. “Over time, these moments of connection add up and collectively ignite vibrant communities that will positively impact the world.”

Key capabilities of RehabWorks for coaching organizations include:

  • Build and scale community: Use RehabWorks to organize public and private chat spaces for collaboration and idea sharing. Community members can send real-time messages with images and files, as well as quickly find answers to questions by using an unlimited search feature to comb through past conversations.
  • Streamline and automate program delivery: Enhance members’ learning experience by delivering coaching programs in a single, unified platform where they can easily engage with coaches and peers.
  • Retain full data ownership: Keep control of community data, mitigating the risks that come with third-party platform ownership. RehabWorks includes optional HIPAA compliant messaging and data retention for auditing purposes.
  • Improve project management: Leverage the task documentation and management features to organize complex workflows and create customizable work plans for any rehab therapy project.

For more information about how coaching organizations can leverage RehabWorks, visit:

About CityPT Inc.

CityPT is the industry’s first patient-crafted clinical practice and software company for musculoskeletal health, leveraging technology to improve quality of care and speed of access. With a mission to provide exceptional care and deliver “Technology for Good,” CityPT uses telehealth to provide on-demand and goal-oriented physical therapy to patients across the United States and offers in-person or in-home services at its North Carolina, Florida, Texas, and Virginia locations. All products and services feature proprietary software and business processes, which render state-of-the-art care and improved outcomes when compared with traditional care. For more information on how CityPT provides modern physical therapy for pain and performance, visit:

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