Bowman and Brooke Adds Powerful Search Technology from Casetext to its Arsenal of Litigation Tools

Bowman and Brooke, a nationally recognized trial firm with one of the country’s largest product liability practices, is one of the first firms to adopt AllSearch, novel search technology powered by an emerging form of AI known as neural nets.

AllSearch was developed by Casetext, the leading provider of AI-powered technology for attorneys, to address a fundamental weakness in traditional legal research tools: search results are limited to the specific keywords that are input as queries.

AllSearch encodes documents in a much richer format than traditional search engines. This enables attorneys to more efficiently identify information, reducing “false positives” and increasing recall of relevant material. Bowman and Brooke’s attorneys have used AllSearch to save significant amounts of time when conducting document searches, particularly when sifting through thousands of documents to find the information they need during litigation.

“After seeing the benefits of using neural net search on case law, Bowman and Brooke approached Casetext about expanding this search capability to other databases. This advanced tool allows our firm to streamline discovery processes and instantly identify key evidence in litigation records,” said Chris Austin, Director of Information Governance at Bowman and Brooke.

“We’re always seeking to gain a competitive advantage and provide the best possible work product to our clients while also striving for efficiencies,” added Austin. “AllSearch helps our firm accomplish these goals.”

“Bowman and Brooke’s dedication to using technology to best represent their clients was a driving force for the development of AllSearch,” said Pablo Arredondo, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Casetext. “Working with Bowman and Brooke, we were able to confirm that the benefits of neural net search extends well beyond case law research to other critical tasks like discovery, deposition prep, and appellate drafting.”

Casetext has made it effortless for law firms to apply its search technology to any set of documents, including written discovery, transcripts, expert reports, brief banks, and contracts. AllSearch databases can be created via a simple drag-and-drop interface, or via an API. After a successful paid beta with a handful of client law firms, AllSearch is now being rolled out as Casetext’s latest product offering.

About Bowman and Brooke LLP

Since 1985, Bowman and Brooke has defended products and manufacturers as both lead trial counsel and national coordinating counsel in high-exposure and technically intricate lawsuits. With twelve offices coast to coast, Bowman and Brooke is a nationally recognized law firm with one of the largest product liability practices in the country.

The firm also defends corporate clients, including Global 500 and international companies, in widely publicized catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters as well as other complex litigation. Bowman and Brooke’s resources go beyond its core group of first-chair trial lawyers to include the legal acumen necessary to aggressively and tirelessly pursue results for clients.

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About Casetext

Casetext builds the most advanced AI legal technology available on the market today. Launched in 2013, Casetext has steadily grown to provide lawyers with a range of innovative tools to streamline critical elements of legal practice. Casetext offers powerful technology for legal research, brief drafting, knowledge management, discovery, and more. Today, over 10,000 law firms, including over 40 AmLaw 200 firms, rely on Casetext to improve the efficiency of their law practice.

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