BlockEnRoll™ revolutionizes Supply Chain Engineering offering an innovative Software Cartridge Architecture with Classical + Quantum Computing Augmentation features.

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Turret Labs, a leading innovator in the world of Multi-modal Dynamic Supply Chain Engineering, is proud to announce a groundbreaking industry offering – BlockEnRoll™ which is designed to transform the way businesses approach Supply Chain network engineering, leveraging the power of a new generation AI+ML Software Cartridge Architecture and integrated Block Chain Platform with Lakehouse Technology for planning and optimization of Multi-Model Logistics, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Tracking+Tracing, Fulfillment, Trade Finance and Insurance.

Traditional methods of supply chain management have often been marred by burgeoning Supply Chain complexity, fragmented batch data, lack of real-time processing and inflexible legacy systems integration while dealing with today’s disruptive geopolitical strife and turbulence exposing the fragility of non-dynamic Supply Chain network planning and operations models.

The Software Cartridge Architecture (SCA), a new generation approach to software engineering, deployment and management, is at the core of the BlockEnRoll™ platform. This revolutionary model allows businesses to expand their supply chain domain management software alongside existing mature ERP systems and other ancillary platforms, much like inserting cartridges into a gaming console, enabling plug-and-run capability. The Key Features of this innovative architecture include:

**Technology** A generational transformation of Supply Chain Engineering with IoT sensor validation, Block Chain verification of global process activity, Data Lakehouse based AI+ML intelligence accumulation and Quantum-As-A-Service technology for complex entanglement simulations using a cost-effective multi-cloud SaaS subscription offering.

**Modularity** BlockEnRoll’s adaptive framework allows organizations to deploy software cartridges that best suit their evolving supply chain models while sustaining deep integration with 3rd party applications involving Demand forecasting, Supplier management, Inventory optimization, Warehouse management, Logistics, Tracking+Tracing, Payment Processing, Analytics and Control Tower Operations.

**Scalability** BlockEnRoll’s Cloud Based SaaS platform, acting as a Supply Chain integration and transformation hub, allows for massive data volume scalability catering to Enterprise, Medium and Small business data volumes with security and data sharing models for trusted partners in the Supply Chain.

**Integrations** Selective cartridge integration harnesses available for 3rd party applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM, Oracle SCM and IBM SCIS. The modular approach streamlines software updates and maintenance. Companies can update individual cartridges without disrupting the entire system, reducing downtime and improving overall efficiency while adapting to upgrades from these 3rd party enterprise systems.

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