Avoma Adds Meeting Scheduling Capabilities

Today Avoma launched Avoma Scheduler, a meeting scheduling solution that simplifies pre-meeting workflows. It helps revenue teams run successful meetings by automating meeting bookings, reminders to reduce no-shows, and agenda alignment before the meeting.

Our approach is to help you save costs, avoid the multiple tool fatigue by simplifying end-to-end meeting workflows

With Avoma Scheduler, you can create and share multiple scheduling links for various purposes and durations based on your availability, time zone, context you want to capture, and more.

The purpose-based scheduling links offer a powerful experience. Unlike most free scheduling tools, Avoma Scheduler doesn’t limit you to one scheduling link. Instead, it allows you to create multiple links for different purposes like sales discovery, check-ins, interviews, and 1:1s.

No-shows and cancellation rates for B2B meetings average up to 40%, wasting time for teams, extending deal cycles, and significantly lowering conversion rates. Avoma Scheduler helps you capture meeting agenda in advance, and reduce no-shows with its automated reminders with the flexibility to cancel or reschedule meetings.

Based on the meeting purpose already defined, the right templates are assigned for note-taking so that you’re ready for the meeting in seconds.

With the above scheduling capabilities, here’s everything Avoma can do for you:

  • Automate meeting bookings, sending reminders & agenda
  • Automatically record, transcribe, and analyze your meetings
  • Get automated meeting notes based on your purposed based templates
  • Get the notes from your customer-facing meetings automatically synced to your CRM
  • Get actionable conversation and revenue insights

“There are already several scheduling tools available, but they are point solutions, requiring people to navigate several tools before, during, and after a meeting. Our approach is to help you save costs as well as avoid the multiple tool fatigue by simplifying end-to-end meeting workflows. This helps you offer a seamless experience to your customers,” says Aditya Kothadiya, Founder and CEO, Avoma.

Avoma Scheduler is free for anyone with a work email address and you sign up now.

For more information, visit https://www.avoma.com/product/meeting-management/scheduler

About Avoma

Avoma reimagines how people and companies meet so that they can reach greater goals. Avoma’s Meeting Lifecycle Assistant is trusted by hundreds of high-growth companies who rely on it to make meetings actionable. Founded in 2017 and backed by leading investors like Headline, Storm Ventures, K9 Ventures, HubSpot, and Zoom, Avoma is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

Contact: steven@avoma.com

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