Announcing Laddrr Talent Hub Beta Launch Providing Flexible Job Opportunities to Reduce Mid-career Drop-off

Laddrr, a platform reimagining the landscape for working women from young adults to empty nesters, today announced the beta launch of the Laddrr Talent Hub, providing high quality flexible work opportunities to moms-to-be and mothers at all stages. Enabling moms to work in the way that best integrates with their family responsibilities both reduces midcareer drop-off and allows women to climb higher in their careers. Employers, for their part, gain access to a high performing, efficient and loyal talent pool proven to help sustain profitable growth.

The Talent Hub features both part time and full time positions with flexibility in location, schedule, and/or number of hours worked. Applicants can select their requirements among options such as flexible schedule, hybrid, remote, temporary, and compressed work week.

Job Matching Based on Skills

The Laddrr Talent Hub utilizes artificial intelligence technology that identifies candidate skills and then uses these skills for job matching. Especially for moms with career gaps, volunteer experience or an uneven career trajectory, a focus on skills evens the playing field, minimizes subjectivity, and provides an accurate match, both for applicants and employers.

Furthermore, a career planning module integrated into the Laddrr Talent Hub allows a job seeker to discover the skills required for an aspired role, which ones she’s missing, and which online courses she could take to acquire the skills she’d need to become a competitive applicant. This kind of assessment helps all job seekers and especially enables career transitioners and returners to discover the roles in which their skills can bring the most value to employers.

Flexwork Can Help Repair the Broken Ladder and Boost Company Profits

It’s high time for flexible work options to become mainstream. Consider the following:

  • The motherhood penalty is real. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, even just a year without employment can result in 39% lower pay, whereas a woman with a flourishing career and great potential has to start all over again once she takes a break of 2-3 years. In contrast, men see their paychecks increase by 6% with each additional child, per ThirdWay.
  • The New York Times reports that 61% of stay-at-home women aren’t working because of family responsibilities.
  • This costs companies money. According to DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast, companies with greater gender diversity, including more than 20% women at the senior level, are 1.4 times more likely to experience sustained profitable growth.
  • A Censuswide survey for LinkedIn found that 49% of women took an extended loop maternity break, with an average duration of 2 years. And nearly half of moms who returned to work after taking time off say they considered a career pivot versus returning to their old jobs — because they wanted more flexible hours.
  • Future Forum’s Global Pulse survey found that 83% of working moms want flexibility in where they work, with 60% wanting to work remotely 3-5 days per week. In addition, 94% of knowledge workers surveyed globally want flexibility in when they work as well. Flexibility continues to rank second only to compensation when it comes to determining job satisfaction. And compared to employees with flexible schedules, those with rigid work schedules are three times more likely to “definitely” look for a new job in the next year.

As a primary caregiver, many women today have to sacrifice their careers while men’s continue to thrive. Laddrr’s goal is to change this norm. In partnership with employers and ecosystem organizations, the Laddrr Talent Hub will help bend the curve, reduce the steep drop-off during the mid-career phase and enable an accelerated development path for returning women so they can re-up their career trajectory.

“Unless we address the steep mid-career drop-off for working women, gender parity at a C-level is a pipe dream,” said Kirthiga Reddy, President of Athena Tech II and Laddrr Co-founder. “It is imperative that we use the post-pandemic inflection point to holistically rethink the future of work so women do not have to choose between a thriving career and ambitious family goals. Laddrr Talent Hub is an important step towards a 50-50 world.”

Embarking On a Mission with Employer and Ecosystem Partners

The Laddrr Talent Hub is the newest addition to the company’s existing lineup of supports for working women. LaddrrUP! Resources — featuring ecosystem partners from Milk Stork and SmoresUp to iRelaunch and Mom Relaunch — is a comprehensive database of parent-helping organizations, whereas the Real Talk video library captures first hand stories, insight and advice of diverse working parents. Both provide solutions for parents and corporate managers that ultimately help women at all stages pursue both family and career goals. The Talent Hub takes this a step further by providing what working moms want — flexwork opportunities with mom-friendly companies.

Laddrr’s initial employment partners for this beta launch include WeWork, Firstsource, Tala and Eightfold AI.

“As a leading flexible workspace provider, WeWork is acutely aware of workplace issues and has seen how women have been disproportionately affected by both the pandemic and the motherhood penalty,” said Susan Catalano, Chief People Officer at WeWork. “We are honored to partner with Laddrr to provide working parents with greater access to both open roles with WeWork and flexible workplace solutions so that parents can pursue careers that fit where, when and how they want to work.”

“In my own experience of hiring, the ability to curate a diverse slate of candidates has been a challenge. Laddrr helps address this by connecting diverse, capable talent with companies like Firstsource who are committed to providing an equal and supportive environment for working mothers,” said Vipul Khanna, Firstsource CEO. “We are excited to begin this partnership in the US – and later expand into India, the Philippines, the UK and Mexico.”

“As a mission-driven company working to solve a massive global challenge, representation is extremely important to us — and I’m proud that today, 50% of our executive team consists of women,” said Tala CEO Shivani Siroya. “Tala has made tremendous progress in increasing female representation in the fintech industry, and I’m thrilled to be working with Laddrr to continue this trend.”

To highlight Laddrr’s mission of enabling women to pursue both family goals and thriving careers, the founding team and key partners will ring the closing bell of the New York Stock Exchange on August 26th, Women’s Equality Day. “We’re overjoyed to shine a light on our mission of closing the gender opportunity gap by ringing the closing bell,” said Ashutosh Garg, Laddrr Co-founder and Eightfold CEO. “And to be doing so on such a meaningful day feels especially poignant.”

Mothers and moms-to-be can browse flexible positions and create profiles by visiting the Laddrr Talent Hub. Corporations interested in listing flexible roles in the Laddrr Talent Hub can inquire here.

About Laddrr

Laddrr is reimagining the landscape for working women — from young adults to empty nesters, so that ten million moms across the globe can keep climbing higher. Laddrr is the most comprehensive resource hub for planning and managing both children and thriving careers. The platform allows young adults, parents-to-be, parents, corporate managers and policy makers to find vital information to inform their life and career choices, policy making and management decisions. Laddrr also brings together a wealth of learning from parents at different stages as well as experts and partner organizations. For more information, visit

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