Abundantly Launches AI Content Generator Within Its Employee Recognition Software, Easing Burdens on Managers

Called Amplify, the AI-enabled tool quickly generates content used in employee recognition technology, making it easier for overwhelmed managers to show appreciation for great work and contributions.

Abundantly, the employee recognition platform reimagined for the workforce of today, announced the release of a new AI-enabled content creation tool — Amplify — which quickly and simply generates content when crafting personalized employee recognition.

For overwhelmed managers and employees wanting to create a great recognition experience, crafting a meaningful message can be difficult and time-consuming. Abundantly’s new AI-enabled technology takes a few basic ideas (inputs) and generates heartfelt and personalized messages that can be further edited by the creator.

“Because writing can be difficult for some people, especially exhausted managers, Abundantly is innovating employee recognition software to make it easier to send a note of appreciation or praise for employees’ contributions,” said Randall Diamond, Abundantly founder and Chief Recognition Evangelist.  “We don’t want barriers getting in the way of employee recognition and this new AI tool helps humans sound more like humans.”

Amplify makes employee recognition easier and faster with these simple steps:

  • Users select a recipient for an on-the-spot message
  • Users select a core value
  • With a few clicks and suggestions for topics, AI does all the writing
  • Then users click “Amplify”
  • Within seconds an expressive message is created with options to edit or add emojis

The AI can generate short messages or long paragraphs used in the Abundantly platform for employee recognition.

“With all the rage about AI generating content, this AI-enabled tool has a very real and meaningful application that can help alleviate anxiety and burdens of writing a personalized message,” Diamond said. “We can harness AI in a way that doesn’t require people to think about the perfect words, just what ideas or impact they want to capture with their recognition.”

About Abundantly

The way we’ve thought about recognition simply isn’t cutting it anymore, and the tech you’re using now was created in a world that no longer exists. More than ever, your people are looking for purpose. For meaningful connection, wherever they are. You care about them and know their experience matters — it’s time to flip the script.

Abundantly provides new-world tech for the work needs of today. Our employee recognition platform simply and elegantly sets in motion a chain of events to positively impact every organization, the communities where their people live, and the world at large. Easily prioritize and personalize each interaction through customized employee profiles, machine learning, automated charity match, and easy fulfillment for rewards. And rest easy knowing that with upfront, transparent pricing and a no-compromises commitment to quality, our success will always be yours. Find Abundantly online at abundantly.com.

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